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How to load the software?
+ Method 1
1) Make sure you have the latest redistributables installed, if you are not sure, you can find it here
2) Open the loader (CSGO SHOULD BE CLOSED)
3) Wait until the loader completes verification
4) The injection thread will start, indicated by a "started injection thread" followed by a steam login page, where you need to login, DO NOT OPEN STEAM MANUALLY, REOPEN LOADER IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS POPUP.
5) Open CS:GO
6) As you will see in the loader, it prints out the word "Loading..." this indicated the cheat is currently loading into CS:GO.
7) Press INSERT (INS) on your keyboard to open the menu

Where do I put configs?

I do not see documents/moonlight folder, what do I do?
Create a config, and the folder will create itself

When will my subscription end?
To see when your subscription ends, go to any channel and type -time and a space followed by your serial id here is an example: -time 123456 our bot will direct message you the date your subscription ends.

How do I download the loader?
To download the loader, type -download anywhere in our server

Nothing happens after I type -download
Make sure that your privacy settings allow for you to recieve discord dms from server members as depicted here

Reminder : To use this software you need to uninstall all third party anti virus software (anything that is not windows defender) and then, turn off real time protection in windows defender.
If you are confused click here

Loader saying "Unauthorized"
Make sure to turn off any windows defender real time and uninstall any third party anti virus. Including firewall protectors even the ones on your browser (extensions , etc)
If you changed your hardware, or reset your pc you need to create a ticket detailing this and send your new id using this tool Keep in mind this may take up to 30 minutes to update if you recieved this message

Loader saying "The system cannot execute the specified program."
Make sure to turn off any anti virus, and firewall protectors even the ones on your browser (extensions , etc)

Custom models?
1) To use custom models first download the tool with the command -migi
2) Put migi.exe here (Your drive):\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive
3) Now, run migi.exe
4) You can find/make your own models, or you can download our pack
5) Open migi and click "Open Folder" to get the models location, there you can extract our pack, or models of your own
6) Now to actually use these models online, you need to run the loader normally, but instead of running csgo, you will run migi and click "Launch MIGI"